Eleven Percent
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Eleven Percent

Today is the fifth anniversary of my journey with stage IV metastatic colon cancer. I am truly blessed to be alive, and I want to share that with you.
Eleven Percent

Many of you know I have cancer and that I've been on this journey for quite a while.  However, many of you don't know that I was given the news that I have stage IV metastatic colon cancer on this day five years ago. After a range of emotions that I can't even begin to describe washed over me, I asked the oncologist the question most people want to know, "How long do I have?" He told me that people with my disease have an eleven percent survival past five years. Let's just say that bit of information took a while to sink in.

11 out of 100 people with cancer like mine survive longer than five years!

I'm one of the eleven. As I sit here at our kitchen table thinking about this milestone, I find myself surrounded by reminders of how blessed my life has been. These reminders present themselves as simple, everyday objects; each one carries a story about the great people and experiences I've had in my life. For example, the pillbox and the plant-based diet books remind me of the tremendous amount of research Yuliya has done to ensure I'm getting the right nutrition. The blue whale stuffed animal reminds me of the compassion Anton shows to the people and things he cares about. The Cancer Fighting Kitchen book reminds me of my friends' generosity as they delivered hot meals to my family while I was in the hospital.

Reminders of a Blessed Life

It is undeniable that it would take more than a kitchen table to truly represent all of the people and events who've contributed to the happiness I feel right now.  You should know that they're never far from my thoughts or my heart. Here's to another five years of life, love, and friendship, and I pray you feel the same passion for living each and every day.